Practical Application of High Melting Point Fischer Tropsch Wax

The high melting point fischer tropsch wax has a wide range of applications in practical applications and plays a unique role in many fields. This paper mainly analyzes the practical application of high melting point fischer tropsch wax from the following aspects:

1. Food and Cosmetics
In the manufacture of chewing gum, high melting point fischer tropsch wax is used as a substrate additive. It can also ban plant wax and other media in the production of food and medicine as a coating and release medium in the production process. In the field of cosmetics, high-melting fischer tropsch wax is mainly used in basic skin care products and make-up. The high-melting fischer tropsch wax can be used as Production of regulators of a cream product and lotion in the production of basic skin care products. In the application of color cosmetics manufacturing, it can be used as a hardening agent for lipstick production and a basic material in the production of eyeliner and mascara.

2. Plastic processing
The application of high melting point fischer tropsch wax in plastic processing mainly serves as a production and processing lubricant for polyvinyl chloride and polyolefin, and a dispersing agent for producing salad masterbatch. As one of the main production and processing bases for plastic products in China, the growth rate of processing output of plastic products in recent years has been continuously improved. Among them, the production of salad masterbatch still keeps rising.  Moreover, with the support of new scientific and technological updates and advancements, the quality of products has been continuously improved, and remarkable results have been achieved in meeting the requirements of complying with ecological safety standards. And the use of high melting point fischer tropsch wax for plastic product processing can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of processing and production, and provide reliable guarantee for meeting the market demand of plastic products.

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