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Bitumen Wax

Bitumen Wax

Generally, wax has negative effects on bitumen. Waxes are melt at the high melting point, that reduces the viscosity of bitumen and influences its high-temperature stability. Wax makes the asphalt binders affinity small, that influence the bonding strength and water resistance of asphalt. At low temperature, the wax crystallizes and precipitate, dispersing in the other components, reducing the contact between the molecules, so that the asphalt is brittle and cracking at low temperature.

There is a deep knowledge in bitumen wax. If selected the suitable high melting point wax, it can not affect the bitumen's workability even meeting the temperature of pavement. And it can reduce the viscosity of bitumen at high temperature, low the construction temperature, save the energy consumption, and improve the performance of the pavement.

FT wax is sometimes added to bitumen or asphalt concrete mixtures in order to obtain certain positive effects. These products are typical so-called flow improvers mainly used for reducing the asphalt mixing temperature in order to reduce energy consumption and emissions, but also to improve workability.

Adding FT wax in bitumen, it achieves certainly preferred properties like decrease physical hardening index for all bitumen, reduces asphalt mixing temperature and higher stiffness of the pavement.

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