Fischer-Tropsch Wax

Fischer-Tropsch Wax

Fischer-Tropsch Wax (FT wax) is an alkane synthesized from coal and natural gas. Fischer-Tropsch Wax has many usages like being used in hot melt adhesives, road marking paints, plastic processing, injection molding, extrusion, and pelletizing industries. 

In the production process of masterbatch and modified plastics, Fischer-Tropsch wax contributes to filler dispersion and excellent smoothness during mixing; it can also be used as an external lubricant for PVC; it is an ideal wax used in adhesives; some can in the place of PE wax by less dossage. 

As a Fischer-Tropsch Wax supplier, King Honor provide a wide range of FT wax inclue KHWAX-QP115H, QP70H, QP60H and KH FT wax 105, 100,  95, 85B,85,80.   


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Fischer-Tropsch Wax Types in King Honor International

Fischer tropsch synthetic waxes are a group of synthetic waxes produced through the Fischer-Tropsch process, which converts carbon monoxide and hydrogen into long-chain hydrocarbons. Here are some common types of Fischer-Tropsch waxes:

What is Fischer-Tropsch Wax?

What is Fischer-Tropsch Wax?

Fischer-Tropsch wax products can be refined from Coal-to-Gas under high temperature and high pressure by the GTL method. Initially, the Fischer-Tropsch process was used to synthesize petroleum products as a substitute. Crude wax, one of the coal-based synthetic oil series products, is the raw material for refined Fischer-Tropsch wax series products. Through advanced extraction and distillation technology, Fischer-Tropsch synthetic crude wax can be further cut to produce a series of Fischer-Tropsch synthetic waxes.

How to Be a Professional Fischer-Tropsch Wax Supplier?

How to Be a Professional Fischer-Tropsch Wax Supplier?

King Honor's Fischer-Tropsch wax has the high crystallinity and high linearity structure.   According to needs, King Honor supply synthesize alkanes with different chain lengths to change the molecular weight of the final product to form a series of products.

King Honor International is one of the most professional FT wax manufacturers in China. As one of the leading synthetic wax manufacturers, King Honor specializes in the production and supply of high-quality FT wax products.

With our expertise in the field, King Honor International offers a wide range of Fischer-Tropsch wax products that cater to various industries and applications. Our company's fischer tropsch ft synthesis products have passed ISO9001 quality certification, which further validates our commitment to excellence. Their commitment to quality ensures that customers receive premium synthetic wax that meet their specific requirements.

As a reliable synthetic wax manufacturers, King Honor International takes pride in their advanced manufacturing facilities, stringent quality control processes, and adherence to international standards. They have a strong emphasis on research and development, constantly innovating to provide customers with the latest advancements in FT wax technology.

King Honor's synthetic FT wax is known for their exceptional performance characteristics. Whether it's microcrystalline wax, paraffin wax, or some other specialized variations, they offer a comprehensive range to meet diverse industrial needs.

Fischer-Tropsch Wax Applications

wax selection fischer tropsch wax application

Fischer-Tropsch wax is widely used in daily chemical industries such as Polishes, Plastic processing, Adhesives, Coating, Painting and Road constructions. It has replaced petroleum wax in many high-end applications. Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax has stable chemical properties and contains almost no impurities such as aromatic hydrocarbons. It can meet food-grade requirements. 

Advantages of Fischer-Tropsch Wax over Natural Waxes

FT wax products offers several advantages over natural waxes. It has a consistent composition and properties, free from impurities found in natural waxes. It has a higher melting point, excellent thermal stability, low odor, and is often considered more sustainable due to its synthetic nature.

Synthetic FT Wax FAQs

Is Fischer-Tropsch wax environmentally friendly?

Fischer-Tropsch wax is often considered environmentally friendly. As one of synthetic waxes, it can be produced from renewable resources and has a lower environmental impact compared to some natural waxes. Its production can be optimized for energy efficiency and reduced emissions.

How can Fischer-Tropsch wax be used in coatings and adhesives?

Synthetic paraffin can act as a lubricant, dispersant, and processing aid in coatings and adhesives. FT wax china improves flow properties, enhances scratch resistance, provides gloss and hardness, and aids in the dispersion of pigments and fillers.

Can Fischer-Tropsch wax be customized for specific requirements?

Yes, synthetic paraffin wax can be customized to meet specific requirements. FT wax supplier can tailor the properties of the wax, such as melting point, hardness, viscosity, and compatibility, based on the application needs of their customers.

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