Application of Fischer-Tropsch Wax

Fischer-Tropsch wax is widely used in industry because of its low viscosity, high softening point and high melting point. Now let's King Honor paraffin wax factory take you to know the specific use of Fischer-Tropsch wax.

Fischer tropsch FT wax for Plastics industry

Fischer-Tropsch wax contributes to the dispersion and excellent smoothness of fillers in the production of color masterbatch and modified plastics. It can be used as an external lubricant for PVC. Low viscosity can improve the production speed of the product. It helps to disperse pigments and fillers in mixing, especially in extrusion of high viscosity system.

Fischer tropsch FT wax for Inks and coatings

When used in ink with particulate powder, the wear resistance and wrinkle resistance of applied materials can be improved. When applied to coatings, wrinkling effect can be achieved, and wrinkling effect of stripes and water marks can be formed when used in the state of fine powder. Adding powder coating resin can lubricate the extrusion process, reduce screw torque, reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency.

Fischer tropsch FT wax for Adhesive

It is an ideal synthetic wax for EVA-based hot melt adhesives. High temperature wax can improve the heat resistance and fast drying of adhesives.

Fischer tropsch FT wax As rubber processing aids

It can advance the looseness rate of filler and knead the forming rate to make the demoulding convenient. As a component of rubber protective wax, it can form a useful protective layer with other ingredients, and advance the application period and function of products.

Fischer tropsch FT wax as Good light and chemical resistance.

It can be used as a carrier of pigments to improve the wear resistance of paint inks and the looseness of pigments and fillers. Special wax prevents the pigments from sinking. It can be used as a loosening agent for paints and inks, as well as the scratch resistance and wear resistance of advanced coatings.

Fischer tropsch FT wax 

As a softener and lubricant of natural or constitutive fibers, it can improve wear resistance, tear strength, wrinkle resistance and sewing property of ironing-free clothes, and adjust tactility.

7. It can replace plant wax and other media as coating and releasing media for food and drug production. In cosmetics, special wax can be used in basic skin care products and cosmetics.

8. The gloss, durability, hardness and wear resistance of advantageous paper can enhance the water resistance and drug resistance, and enhance the aesthetic feeling of paper.

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