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KH Paraffin Wax 70H

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KH Paraffin Wax S70H is made by deep refinement. Compared to KH Paraffin Wax S70N/L, Its carbon distribution is narrower and the branching carbon backbone is chainless, which is confined with the requirement in most industrial applications.

In the processing of PVC rigid pipe, it is a good external lubricant. This bulk paraffin wax for sale keeps stability and has no volatility during the processing, and guarantees the surface of PVC pipe smooth.

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Features of KH Paraffin Wax 70H

  • High melting point

  • Fine crystalline structure

  • White color

Specifications of KH Paraffin Wax 70H

ItemsTest methodStandardTypical data
Melting point, °CASTM D8770-7272
Congealing point, °CASTM D93870-7371.8
Oil content, wt%ASTM D7211.0 max0.90
Color, SayboltASTM D156+17 min

Needle penetration

(100g, 25°C), 1/10mm

ASTM D132110-1613.4
Viscosity, 100°C CstASTM D4457.0-8.58.3

Our KH Paraffin Wax 70H is complied with:

FDA 21CFR172.886(Food Contact)

FDA 21CFR175.105(Hot Melt Adhesives Additives)

If you had other FDA requirements, please contact us:

Packaging of KH Paraffin Wax 70H

Form25KGS PE Bag/Paper Bag25KGS Carton50KGS PP BagIso Tank




Storage of KH Paraffin Wax 70H

Please store products in a cool, dry location, away from sources of intense heat, incompatible materials, water, heat, and flame.
Long-distance transportation of hot atmosphere may have cracked, that does not affect the quality of products.

Application of KH Paraffin Wax 70H

Application of KH Paraffin Wax 70H

  • Hot melt adhesives;

  • PVC processing and rubber processing;

  • Textile;

  • Fertilizer, etc;

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