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Mar 29, 2024

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KH Micro Wax 70

micro wax
microcrystalline paraffin wax

Compared with paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax has a higher melting point and molecular weight, higher refractive index, relative density and melted viscosity, lower shrinkage and surface tension at the same hardness. 

According to the product classification, microcrystalline wax is divided into three categories: general microcrystalline wax, food microcrystalline wax and insulating microcrystalline wax. Because of its unique properties, microcrystalline wax is widely used as grease thickener, paraffin modifier, daily chemical materials, paper industry, food industry, electrical business and so on. 

KH MICRO WAX 70 is also a paraffin improver, adding a small amount of microcrystalline wax to paraffin wax can change the crystal form of paraffin wax, improve the water permeability and moisture permeability of paraffin wax, increase the bending resistance, the plasticity and flexibility, so that paraffin wax is more suitable for waterproof, moisture-proof, casting mold and papermaking fields.

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Features of KH Micro Wax 70

  • Fine microcrystalline structure with partial linear structure as paraffin wax

  • High flexibility

Specifications of KH Micro Wax 70


Test method


Typical result

Drop melt point, ℃




Oil content, %

ASTM D721-2006

3.0 max


Penetration, 0.1mm/100g, 5s at 25℃

ASTM D1321

9 min


Viscosity, mm2/s@100℃

ASTM D445-2009



Color, Saybolt


2 max


Packaging of KH Micro Wax 70

Form25KGS PE Bag/Paper Bag25KGS Carton50KGS PP BagIso Tank




Storage of KH Micro Wax 70

Please store products in a cool, dry location, away from sources of intense heat, incompatible materials, water, heat, and flame.
Long-distance transportation of hot atmosphere may have cracked, that does not affect the quality of products.

Application of KH Micro Wax 70

Application of KH Micro Wax 70

  • Rubber protective wax;

  • Cosmetic and personal care;

  • Packaging, paper and corrugated board coating;

  • Inks and toners;

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