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Jul 09, 2022

Function and Action of Paraffin Wax
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Jul 09, 2022

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KH Paraffin Wax F64N/L/H

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KH Paraffin Wax F64N/L/H is produced by the hydro-treated process. The oil content can be controlled below 0.5%. The color is water clear. It can pass the food grade. Its characteristics endow it good performing in package industry as the waterproof. In PVC processing, it can be as a cost-effective lubricant. It can also be used in the high-grade shoe polish.

In order to meet the different customers' inquiry, we supply it in both liquid and solid form. If customer has a special requirement on the oil content and penetration, we could help the customer solve the problem, or develop the new goods.

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Features of KH Paraffin Wax F64N/L/H

  • Straight cut

  • Very low oil content  

  • High purity

  • White color  

  • Odorless

Specifications of KH Paraffin Wax F64N/L/H


Test method


Typical data

Melting point, °C




Oil content, wt%






Color, Saybolt




Needle penetration

(100g,25°C), 1/10mm

ASTM D1321



Our KH Paraffin Wax F64N/L/H is complied with:

FDA 21CFR172.886(Food Contact)

FDA 21CFR175.105(Hot Melt Adhesives Additives)

If you had other FDA requirements, please contact us:

Packaging of KH Paraffin Wax F64N/L/H

Form25KGS PE Bag/Paper Bag25KGS Carton50KGS PP BagIso Tank




Storage of KH Paraffin Wax F64N/L/H

Please store products in a cool, dry location, away from sources of intense heat, incompatible materials, water, heat, and flame.
Long-distance transportation of hot atmosphere may have cracked, that does not affect the quality of products.

Application of KH Paraffin Wax F64N/L/H

Application of KH Paraffin Wax F64N/L/H

  • Polishes;

  • PVC lubricants and rubber processing;

  • Package, corrugated board coating;

  • Controlled release of fertilizer;

  • Textile;

  • Candle blending;

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