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Wax in Agriculture

Wax in Agriculture (Food Coating & Fertilizer)

Controlled delivery of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other materials offers a prospect of efficient material utilization and decreases in the detrimental effects of overdosage. The degree of utilization of nitrogen fertilizers, for instance, is in the range of 30-50%. This leads to nitrogen losses with resulting increases in production cost, environmental degradations, and food contaminations. Public concerns on such challenges have increased the drive toward developing controlled-release (CR) technology that supplies fertilizer nutrients at an optimum rate to plant species.

Waxes are particularly suitable as a coating material for the controlled release of fertilizer because of their low cost and lower likelihood of contaminating the soil.

Waxes can be formulated in a manner to provide a non-cracking, water-resistant coating that breaks over time allowing for the controlled release of active ingredients. High melting point wax is suitably used in the hot weather. Besides, waxes can offer the benefits of moisture and water barrier and inert carrier for ingredients to fertilizers.

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