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Mar 29, 2024

What Lubricant Can Be Used on PVC?
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Mar 13, 2024

Market Analysis of Paraffin Wax in 2024
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After-sale Service

We provide our customers with high quality products to ensure that the quality of the goods is in accordance with the samples. According to the different product specifications, there are different quality assurance. After receiving your order, we will guarantee your rights and interests from the following aspects.

Wax Factory

Delivery time
  • General specifications: shipped within 15 days after customer's ordering

  • Special specifications: shipped within 30-45 days after customer ordering

Delivery Time of King Honor Wax
  • Conforms to international shipping standards and is suitable for long-distance transportation. We have different material and sizes of packing to meet the needs of different markets and different customers. For example ISO TANK 25 kg woven bag, 50 kg woven bag, 25 kg carton, 920 kgs big cartons, 25kg valve pockets and other packages.

Packing of King Honor Wax
  • At Dalian Port, there are 3000 square meters of warehouse, which provide one-stop service of storage, container loading and transportation. 

  • We cooperate with the international first-class shipping companies to meet different customers’ needs in different areas and countries. We select the short navigation time, the good service, and good door-door service.

  • We cooperate with international well-known third party inspection company to provide intimate service for international customers

  • We provide marine insurance/air insurance covering the goods to the customer's warehouse.

  • You can track your cargoes through our website. 

  • Documents are safely delivered to you by DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS, 

Logistics of King Honor Wax
  • If you had any questions about quality, packing and transportation after receiving the goods, you can contact us by telephone/email. We guarantee that we will provide a reasonable solution for your feedback within 24 hours

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