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Wax for Candles

wax for candles

Paraffin wax is widely used in the production of candles. Due to its high stability and high supply, it has been the main raw material for candle manufacturers. Paraffin wax can be applied in the production of various candles, such as tea candles, pillar candles, container candles, and craft candles.


The candle is a daily lighting tool, mainly made of paraffin wax, easy to melt, less dense than water, and insoluble in water. When heated, it melts into liquid, colorless, transparent, and slightly volatile, and solidifies into a white solid state when cooled, with a slight smell. It has a wide range of uses, and it also has important uses in birthday parties, religious festivals, and other activities, and there are many kinds of candles.


According to the purpose of use, it can be divided into daily lighting candles (ordinary candles) and handicraft candles (special purpose candles). Lighting candles are relatively simple, usually white pole-shaped candles. Craft candles can be subdivided into many kinds, first of all, they can be divided into jelly craft candles and incense craft candles. 


Generally, due to the addition of ingredients and showing a variety of colors (such as birthday candles), the shape also needs to be made into various forms (such as spiral, digital shape, etc.), which can integrate novelty, decoration, appreciation, and function. Pay attention to store in a cool and dry place, not next to electrical appliances, curtains, and other combustible materials.


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