Polypropylene wax of High Melting Point Wax

Classification of High Melting Point Polypropylene Wax Products: Plastic Additives

Product Description: This product has the characteristics of high melting point, low melting degree, good lubricity, and dispersion. It is an excellent additive for polyolefin processing at present. It has high practicability.

Application area

1. When polypropylene wax is used to process polypropylene filament with high viscosity, adding this product can increase MI value, lubrication and fluidity, reduce broken ends of flat filament and improve smoothness. It is an ideal denaturant for melting index of polyolefin.

2. Polypropylene Resin Blend Modified Demoulding Agent: When polypropylene is filled with a large number of fillers, it is difficult to inject, the surface of the product is rough, and it is difficult to demould. Adding an appropriate amount of polypropylene wax can improve the fluidity of the blend, make the material miscible, and make the product easy to demould, and improve the finish of the finished product.

3. Polypropylene wax can be used as a carrier in the manufacture of toner for an electrostatic duplicator. It has excellent lubrication effect, can improve the melting point and moisture resistance of toner, and prevent the bonding of duplicate.

4. Polypropylene wax is an energy-saving agent for polyolefin resin processing. Adding the proper amount of polypropylene wax to LLDDE, HLPE and extrusion can reduce the host current by 10-20%, increase the extrusion speed and work efficiency. Especially in LLDPE blow-molding process, it can improve the appearance quality and transparency of film, and eliminate shark skin phenomenon. 

5. Polypropylene wax is a dispersant used in the manufacture of heat-resistant spinning masterbatch. Lubricant can replace polypropylene wax in the manufacture of high-temperature spinning masterbatch and overcome the odor caused by the sublimation of polypropylene wax during high-temperature spinning. Especially suitable for dispersing and lubricating of special masterbatch for propylene, polyester and nylon spinning.

6. Polypropylene wax is used in the manufacture of high temperature resistant hot melt adhesives. It is a wear-resisting agent for printing ink. It can improve the wear resistance of printing ink, overcome wiping and improve the temperature resistance.

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