What is Special Wax for Phase Change Energy Storage Material and Its Standard

Phase change energy storage material refers to the material that can absorb or release heat in a certain temperature range, so as to achieve energy storage and controllable release. Phase change materials (PCM) is used to store and release energy by the transformation of phase change materials (PCM). Its advantages are high energy storage density and constant temperature.

The shaped phase change material is formed by dispersing the phase change material in small particles in the solid support material, which will not melt or deform in the phase change temperature range, so as to ensure the stability of the shape. In the process of solid-liquid phase transformation, the particles of phase change material absorb or release latent heat, so there is a large apparent specific heat in the phase change temperature range. Shaped phase change materials are not easy to leak, non-toxic, harmless and corrosion-free, and can be directly used without packaging.

Special wax for phase change energy storage material is a special wax with phase change temperature of 20-80 ℃, which can be widely used in building energy saving, daily necessities, textile, medical care, and has superior performance.

As a phase change energy storage material, the following conditions need to be met:

Thermodynamic standard:

KING HONOR INTERNATIONAL LTD. has developed a series of phase change waxes with different phase change temperatures, enthalpies and uses. The phase change wax can be widely used in solar energy storage, power peak regulation, building energy storage constant temperature, electronic components constant temperature, solar water heater and floor heating.

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