Is Fischer Tropsch Wax better than PE Wax?

Fischer Tropsch wax is better than PE wax? Fischer-Tropsch wax and polyethylene wax (PE wax) are very important chemical materials. Both of them play an important role in many industries and fields. Apart from the differences in physical properties, the biggest difference between them lies in their chemical properties. Now let's take you to know the difference between Fischer-Tropsch wax and PE wax.

1. Cable insulation materials. As a processing aid for cable insulation materials, it can greatly improve the processing performance and increase the smoothness and glossiness of product surface. The chemical inertia of Fischer-Tropsch wax can improve the aging resistance of the product, and the product has excellent precipitation resistance.

2. It can effectively adjust the initial solidification temperature and curing time of hot melt adhesives, adjust the plasticity and tensile properties of hot melt adhesives, and prevent adhesives from adhering before use.

3. As rubber processing aids, it can increase the diffusion rate of filler and the extrusion forming rate, making it easy to demould. As a component of rubber protective wax, it can form an effective coordination protective layer with other components, and greatly improve the service life and application performance of products.

4. As softener and lubricant of natural or synthetic fibers, it can improve wear resistance, tear strength, wrinkle resistance and sewing property of ironing-free clothes, and adjust tactility.

The use of Fischer-Tropsch wax is very extensive, but the specific benefits need to be demonstrated in practice. Coal-to-oil production plays an irreplaceable role in guaranteeing the reasonable self-sufficiency rate of energy and chemical raw materials in China.

Technological research and development and necessary project demonstration are of vital importance. Fischer-Tropsch synthetic paraffin wax has the characteristics of high melting point, low viscosity and high hardness. It has excellent performance in many applications.

In fact, Fischer-Tropsch wax and PE wax do not exist who is good or bad, the key is to see your application and demand, different needs of the products used are naturally different. In addition to the differences in chemical properties, the particle size, molecular weight, pH value, etc. of different product types are not the same, and the use effect will be greatly different.

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