Are Plastic T30s and PP the Same?

T30S is a kind of PP, which is a homopolymer drawing grade. Polypropylene is divided into random copolymerized polypropylene (transparent PP), block copolymerized polypropylene (opaque PP) and homopolymer polypropylene (translucent PP).

Polypropylene is a polymer formed by the addition of propylene. White waxy material, transparent and light in appearance. The density is 0.89-0.91g/cm3, inflammable, melting point is 165 ℃, soften at about 155 ℃, and use temperature range is - 30-140 ℃. Under 80 ℃, it can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt solution and various organic solvents, and decompose under high temperature and oxidation.

The PP T30S and PP K8003:

PP T30S is polypropylene homopolymer and wire drawing material. It is mainly used in the production of woven bags, daily necessities and packaging films. The snakeskin and disposable quilt are made of PP drawing materials.

PP K8003 is polypropylene copolymer and injection plastic. It is mainly used in a baby carriage, toy carriage, trunk, etc.

T30S and K8003 are quite different and have different purposes. In addition to different species, there are also great differences in physical indicators.

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