Application of Paraffin in Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot melt adhesive is a kind of solid adhesive without solvent, which is made of thermoplastic resin or thermoplastic elastomer as the main component, adding plasticizer, tackifying resin, antioxidant, flame retardant and filler. Because of its non-toxic, non environmental pollution, convenient preparation and other advantages, it has become the development direction of adhesive market. The annual output of the world has been on the rise. Its growth rate is the highest among all kinds of adhesives, with more and more varieties. It is widely used in packaging, furniture, shoemaking, electronics and other industries.

Viscosity regulator is one of the main additives of hot melt adhesive. Its function is to increase the fluidity of the colloid, adjust the setting speed, so as to achieve the purpose of fast bonding, otherwise the hot-melt adhesive viscosity is too large, unable or not easy to flow, difficult to penetrate into the book post, it can not be bonded firmly. Adding the viscosity regulator with low softening point can achieve the purpose of good penetration and firm adhesion.

Paraffin wax is the most effective viscosity regulator, which can reduce the melting viscosity, improve the fluidity and wettability, improve the bonding strength, prevent the hot-melt adhesive from caking, increase the surface hardness and reduce the cost.

Wax can be divided into:
① animal wax (such as beeswax, etc.);
② plant wax (such as palm wax, etc.);
③ mineral wax (such as lignite wax, etc.);
④ petroleum wax (such as paraffin, microcrystalline wax, etc.);
synthetic paraffin wax (such as polyethylene wax, fetor wax, etc.). Paraffin and microcrystalline, paraffin are commonly used.

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