Fischer Tropsch Wax Is Used in the Field of Polishing Agent

In the field of polishing agents, fischer tropsch wax is used

The main component of polishing agents is wax, which is applied to the surface of leather goods, leather shoes, furniture, floors, cars, and equipment paint films, mainly for the purpose of cleaning, polishing, and protection. There are various types of polishing agents, such as shoe polish, floor wax, car wax, and so on.

Generally, several suitable waxes and other additives need to be properly proportioned together to achieve the expected effect of the polishing agent. Soft waxes with low melting points in the polishing agent have poor absorption and glossiness and cannot be used as the main raw materials for wax polishing agents. However, they have good adhesion and can change the flexibility and spread effect when a certain amount is added. High-melting and higher-gloss hard waxes are the key components of polishing agents and have a shiny effect on the polishing agents. The high-melting point fischer tropsch wax has high hardness, good glossiness, and low penetration, making it suitable as refined hard wax for polishing agent products.

The use of fischer tropsch wax polishing agent

Shoe polish is a polishing and protective agent that is applied to the surface of leather shoes and leather goods. It can not only clean leather, increase its surface gloss, but also protect leather from wear and tear. There are three types of shoe polish: solvent-based hard paste, emulsion-based soft paste, and liquid type. The first two are traditional products, and liquid shoe polish is currently popular in the market because of its non-wipe self-luminous and convenient carrying features.

Wooden floors are favored by many home decoration styles because of their natural beauty, easy processing, and good insulation properties. However, wooden floors also have defects such as easy corrosion and insect damage. Therefore, many businesses have launched floor polishing and protective agents, which can be divided into solid floor polishing oil and liquid floor polishing oil according to their forms. Solid floor polishing oils are paste or solvent-free polishing oils, and liquid polishing oils can directly form a glossy surface layer after drying. The main function of floor polishing and protective agents is to prevent water, water vapor, and air from penetrating the floor, protect the floor, and reduce wear and tear. After wiping on the floor, the film left behind can produce glossiness.

Polishing fischer tropsch wax is mainly used for the "beauty" of cars. The main component of the outer paint surface of a car is acrylic or polyurethane paint. Pollutants such as sulfides, acid fog, acid rain, salt spray, hydrocarbons, and dust in the air have a significant impact on the paint. Therefore, regular cleaning, polishing, and protection are needed. The traditional process is to first clean and then wax and polish, which has the disadvantages of high wax consumption, high labor intensity, slow polishing speed, and poor gloss.

Currently, the market demand is for multi-functional cleaning and polishing agents that can simultaneously clean, polish, and protect. They can be classified into solvent-based, water-based emulsion, and semi-solid types. The effective ingredients of cleaning and polishing agents consist of abrasive, straight- and branched-chain hydrocarbon solvents, wax, silicone, water, surfactants, stabilizers, and other components.

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