Application of Polyethylene Wax Emulsion

Polyethylene wax emulsion (PE wax emulsion) is one of wax emulsion varieties, and its wide application, because of its small size, more widely used in a variety of system, the effect is more apparent. Polyethylene wax emulsion manufacturers will help us to understand the concrete use.

Application of polyethylene wax emulsion

I. Polyethylene wax emulsion for wood lacquer: the polyethylene wax emulsion has a small particle size, about 10-500 nanometers in the small range. When used in wood lacquer, it can improve the gloss obviously.

2. PE wax emulsion for ink: polyethylene wax emulsion skid effect in the ink is obvious, can improve the anti-adhesion film, increase the film feel, make the film better, is a common model of ink wax emulsion.

3. In the paper industry, using wax emulsion instead of rosin gum can not only improve paper quality but also reduce production cost.

4. In agriculture, it is used as a preservative for fruits and vegetables to prevent the harmful effects of aging, drought, freezing injury and sunburn on fruits and vegetables. After the flowers are picked, they are soaked in water and then treated with emulsifying wax to prolong their life.

5. Add to the leather finishing agent, can increase the leather wax feeling and brightness; Added to the color paste, it can also play a leveling role and can prevent the coating on the hot sticky.

6. Improve the fluidity and demodulation of plastics: polyethylene wax emulsion improves the fluidity of plastics in the extruder and the demodulation of finished products, while the finished products show better surface properties, long term stability, and more attractive colors. Polyethylene wax emulsion is used as a lubricant in PVC film, profile, pipe and plastic processing industry, which can improve the toughness of plastic products, make the surface smooth and smooth, and improve the yield.

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