The Role Of Wax Emulsion In Yarn Finishing

Polyethylene wax emulsion can make the finished fabric have a soft, smooth feel, pe wax emulsion is mainly used for yarn finishing and textile finishing agent. Yarn finishing is the use of pe wax emulsion on the finished line. This treatment can produce high gloss, deeper and more vivid colors, and higher elasticity and tensile strength.
1. The special wax emulsion for yarn is prepared with modified petroleum wax as raw material. The replication wax emulsion is mainly used as a slippery, soft and sizing aid on yarn.
2. It is widely used in the finishing of polyester / cotton, polyester / viscose (eye), cotton fabric, and purified fiber fabric, which can make the finished fabric have a soft and smooth feel, while improving the physical properties of the fabric and the fabric. The physical properties of the fabric improve the elasticity, wear resistance, strength and sewing performance of the fabric.

3. After sizing the warp of this product, a wax film is formed on the surface of the sizing yarn to improve the smoothness of the surface of the yarn, reduce the friction coefficient of the warp and the accumulation of static electricity during weaving, reduce the breakage, and improve the efficiency of the loom. Used for fabrics such as pure cotton, polyester cotton and polyester. When used for the soft finishing of knitwear, it feels full and soft. It is an excellent soft finishing agent.
4. It has good smoothness to the yarn, which can reduce the warp breakage and improve the efficiency and product quality of the loom.
5. Reducing fluff on the fabric surface and improving the smoothness of the sewing thread on the fabric surface.
KING HONOR polyethylene wax emulsion is suitable for the smooth finishing of yarn after dyeing. The general use temperature is within normal temperature to 50 ℃, the recommended amount is about 1.5-2% of the weight of the yarn, the processing time is 15-30 minutes, depending on the factory It depends on the situation.

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