Fischer Tropsch Wax: The

What is fischer tropsch wax?

Fischer tropsch wax is named after the German scientists Fischer and Tropsch who invented the process of producing oil and wax from coal, combining their initials to form the name.

Fischer tropsch wax is produced by a process called Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, where small molecules of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas are combined. It has a very high degree of purity and is composed of a carbon chain structure similar to that of a bicycle chain, with a relatively uniform molecular weight. It is these unique characteristics that give it special qualities such as high melting point, low oil content, and good abrasion resistance.

In addition, it can also exist in the form of particles or flour, and is used not only in the field of high-end automobile and leather waxing, ink and coatings, and plastic processing, but also as raw materials for making chewing gum and cosmetics.

The emergence of fischer tropsch wax

The presence of fischer tropsch wax is ubiquitous in real life. It is used in dispersants for ink coatings used in home decoration, protective coatings for fruits in the food industry, high-melting-point lubricating oil base oils, as well as automobile polishing wax, floor polishing wax, metal polishing agents, and other products.

How does coal turn into wax? According to reports, coal is first dried, screened, and crushed to form fine coal powder. Then, a high-temperature chemical reaction occurs between the coal powder, air, oxygen, and water vapor at 800 ℃ ~ 1100 ℃ in a gasifier, producing coal gas mainly composed of carbon monoxide, hydrogen gas, and methane. The coal gas then enters the reactor through a gas pipeline and undergoes Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalytic reaction, finally producing fischer tropsch wax.

The key to coal turning into wax lies in the catalyst. By using a cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch catalyst in the reaction tube for catalysis, solid fischer tropsch wax can be obtained.

Currently, cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch synthesized fischer tropsch wax products have high melting point, high solidification point, oil content less than or equal to 3%, and needle penetration less than or equal to 12mm. The product performance and quality are far superior to petroleum-based wax and iron-based fischer tropsch wax, and can be sold directly.

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