Application of Polyethylene Wax Emulsion in Architectural Coatings

Polyethylene wax emulsion, as a common water-based paint additive, is difficult to emulsify due to its high softening point, strong non-polarity and high requirement for wax emulsion particle size and emulsifier dosage in ink and paint industry. Therefore, the development of polyethylene wax emulsion with high melting point (above 120 C) and ultra-fine particle size (less than 100 nm) has always been a technical difficulty in the domestic ink and paint industry.

1. Physical properties of polyethylene wax emulsion

Commonly used water-soluble coatings are polyethylene oxide emulsion with a melting temperature of 90~145 degrees, which is light yellow, translucent, odorless and tasteless. The strength and toughness are excellent, and the price is lower than that of palm wax. It has become the first choice wax for coatings and coatings industry.

2. Application characteristics of polyethylene wax emulsion in Waterborne Coatings

(1) Smoothness, abrasion resistance, and scratch resistance. After adding polyethylene wax emulsion into water-based ink, the wax emulsion drifted to the surface of the coating and dispersed evenly in the film forming process, forming a waxy protective layer on the coating and reducing the friction coefficient. Therefore, the wear-resistance and smoothness of the coating were excellent, and the direction of the force of the coating was changed, and the scratch resistance of the coating was improved.

(2) The effect of emulsion particle size on the gloss of coatings, the visible wavelength is 400 ~ 700nm. When the diameter of polyethylene wax emulsion is smaller than the visible wavelength 1/2, or less than 200nm, the diffraction of light will be generated, thus improving the gloss of the coating. It is generally believed that the larger the particle size of wax emulsion is, the more obvious the gloss effect is. In addition, the gloss of the coating is also related to the crystallinity of the wax. The size of the wax emulsion has reached the nanometer level, and it is the best surface protective agent for high gloss ink system.

3. Application scope of polyethylene wax emulsion
Polyethylene wax emulsion is widely used in food packaging containers, textiles, resin finishing agents, softeners, printing ink, water-borne paint, printing paste, water-borne Polish (leather, shoe, paper, shoe latex, adhesives, car care, floor care) and so on.

With the rapid development of waterborne coatings industry, the application of polyethylene wax emulsion is more and more extensive. Therefore, the quality and output of waterborne wax products of polyethylene wax emulsion manufacturers should be further improved to meet the diversified needs of the market. King Honor is a leading paraffin wax factory in China, Contact for more custom selections at bulk wholesale prices.

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