The Role of Paraffin Emulsions in Different Fields

Petroleum emulsions are widely used in the fields of rubber and coatings. Liquid petroleum emulsions are homogeneous and translucent gray-white liquids that are resistant to acid and alkali, hard water, highly water-soluble, stable, easily diluted with water without layering or clumping, and have a long shelf life. Paraffin wax emulsion also have high solid content, good dispersion, and other performance characteristics that can be used in many fields.

Performance characteristics of petroleum emulsions

By using a special neutral non-ionic emulsifier for petroleum emulsification, the previously unstable and easily-layered alkali saponification process is avoided. Petroleum emulsions can be stored in a sealed, cool place for up to two years without layering, breaking, or clumping. Our petroleum emulsions have good quality, a wide variety, stable supply, and are used by nearly 10,000 enterprises. We are a well-known petroleum emulsion manufacturer in China.

Application fields of petroleum emulsions

In leather production

Adding 1%-5% of petroleum emulsions to fatty acids used in leather production can improve the filling performance of the fatty acids, enhance their penetration ability into the leather fibers, and increase the leather's water resistance. This makes the leather feel smooth, soft, and full. When used as a leather coating additive, it mainly acts as a filling layer, improves coating feel, wear resistance, anti-sticking, and adds gloss.

In paper production

Most paper products contain internal sizing agents that provide ideal water resistance to the paper fibers. Traditional fillers use resins, but by using emulsified petroleum wax, the resin content can be reduced by 20%-40%. Adding petroleum microemulsions can also reduce the paper's moisture absorption and promote the uniform distribution of sizing agents throughout the paper fiber structure.

In the rubber and coatings industry

Emulsified petroleum wax can be used as a glossing agent, coating, and additive in light industry and rubber manufacturing. By adding 1.5%-2.5% of petroleum emulsions in the pre-vulcanization process of making latex gloves or in the glue mixing tank, the anti-stickiness of the mold can be improved, making it easier to remove the gloves from the mold.

The application fields of petroleum emulsions go beyond the above industries and include textiles, adhesives, release agents, cosmetics, stone polishing, and furniture polishing.

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