Production Technology of FT Wax

FT Wax Production Process

It is dispersed in carbon monoxide and hydrogen and has excellent smoothness. The product has low viscosity at high temperature, can improve the production speed and fluidity of the product, and enhance the wettability of the bonded surface. Under certain pressure, temperature and catalyst conditions, synthesis, fractionation, solvent extraction, and bleaching can produce high melting point waxes from monomers similar to liquid paraffin wax to polyethylene wax, which have special properties that other natural waxes or other synthetic paraffin wax do not have. The Fischer-tropsch process was originally used as an alternative to synthetic petroleum products. At present, it has been widely used in the conversion of natural gas into synthetic fuel. This new generation of polymer with advanced technology integrates high melting point, low viscosity, and excellent hardness, and shows excellent performance in various applications.

FT Wax uses

With its unique advantages, FT wax is used in hot melt adhesives, plastic lubrication, demoulding, pipes, profiles, ink, paint, polishing wax, color masterbatch, rubber, candles, textiles, among which FT wax plays an indispensable role in PVC pipes, hot melt adhesives, inks, and color masterbatches.

FT wax for hot melt adhesives:

In the application of hot melt adhesives, FT wax is characterized by:

1.No pollution and taste. It can be directly used in the hot melt adhesive industry in food contact.

2. It has a high set point and can improve the heat resistance of hot melt adhesives.

3. Its penetration is small, which can improve the strength of hot melt adhesive.

4. Its carbon distribution is narrow, opening time is small and curing time is fast.

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