Selection Factors and Applications of Paraffin Wax Section

What is paraffin wax section?

Paraffin wax section is a practical granular paraffin wax suitable for impregnation, embedding and sectioning of tissue samples. High-quality paraffin wax and standard polymers are combined by advanced technology. The slicing is smooth, and the thickness can be as thin as 2 μm. The melting point ranges from 52°C to 62°C, which can be freely selected according to your needs.

Factors to consider for paraffin wax section selection

The temperature of the wax used for embedding should be slightly higher than the temperature of penetration wax to ensure that the tissue blocks are completely integrated with the surrounding paraffin wax. Rapid cooling of paraffin wax is also essential; otherwise, crystallization will occur in the embedded block when sliced later, causing fragmentation.


Application of paraffin wax section

Paraffin wax is a hydrocarbon compound produced by the splitting of mineral oil. Its properties vary greatly, with melting points ranging from 45°C to 75°C. Paraffin wax with a lower melting point is milky white and fragile, while that with a higher melting point is pale yellow, flexible to hard, and not easily broken.

The preferred form of paraffin wax use is emulsified wax, which has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, strong water solubility, stable emulsion, long shelf life, high solid content, and good dispersibility. It can be used in grinding, papermaking, leather, wood, agriculture, explosives, medicine, ceramics, cosmetics, and automobile protection industries and fields.

The use of paraffin wax section in medicine is an essential embedding agent for animal and plant tissue sections' technical application, which is the basic material for biology, medicine, pathology, and immunohistochemistry.

Currently, China has a wide variety of paraffin wax section types. High-melting-point paraffin is harder and more challenging to slice, and the flexibility is not suitable for thinner slices. Low-melting-point paraffin wax has lower hardness, and the support for slicing is insufficient, making it difficult to cut thinner slices.

Therefore, to improve the quality of medical paraffin wax in China and enhance its competitiveness in the market, the development and research of medical paraffin have become increasingly important. Due to the wide range of melting points of paraffin wax, there are many choices. Therefore, it is necessary to choose paraffin wax suitable for local and unit use to produce high-quality pathological tissue sections and various tissue sections. If the melting point of the selected paraffin wax is too high, the paraffin wax's hardness will be too hard, making it difficult to slice and not suitable for flexibility. If the paraffin wax's melting point is lower, the hardness will also decrease, making it difficult to support the slice, and difficult to cut thin slices.

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