What Is the Relevant Knowledge of the Character Composition and Affect of Liquid Paraffin?

Liquid paraffin (liquid paraffin) aliases: white oil, paraffin oil, paraffinoil, mineral oil

Liquid paraffin is a colorless and odorless mixture obtained from the fractional distillation of crude oil. It can be divided into two kinds of light mineral oil and general mineral oil, and the specific gravity and viscosity of light mineral oil are low.

Wholesale paraffin wax supplier KING HONOR produces high-quality liquid paraffin as a colorless transparent oily liquid, which does not show fluorescence under sunlight. It is odorless and tasteless at room temperature and slightly oily after heating. The density specific gravity 0.86-0.905 (25 degrees) is insoluble in water, glycerin and cold ethanol. Soluble in benzene, ether, chloroform, carbon disulfide, hot ethanol. It can be mixed with most fatty oils except castor oil. Camphor, menthol and most natural or artificial musk can be dissolved.

The main component is c16-c20 n-alkanes.

Function: Can be used as a base for ointment, liniment and cosmetics.

(1) Because mineral oil has low sensitization and good sealing, it has the effect of blocking the evaporation of water from the skin, so it is often used as a smooth moisturizer in baby oils, lotions or creams.

(2) Because it has good oil-soluble properties, it will also be used as a makeup remover in makeup remover oil or makeup remover milk.

(3) Because it is not digested in the intestine, it absorbs very little, it has a lubricating effect on the intestinal wall and feces, and it can prevent the absorption of water in the intestine, soften the stool, and make it easy to discharge. [Oral] 15 ~ 30ml each time, before bedtime. Liquid paraffin is divided into crude paraffin oil and refined paraffin oil according to purity. Crude paraffin oil is considered "carcinogen" in medicine. As a filling material, it can be used to restore the saddle nose and rhinoplasty. In the 1920s, liquid paraffin was once widely used as a filler and lasted for decades, until it was widely reported that the material was prone to cause paraffin tumors. Liquid paraffin is also used for disinfection and anti-embroidery of medical devices, with specific results mixed.

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