Production Status of Microcrystalline Wax in China

Microcrystalline wax has special physical and chemical properties and is widely used in grease thickening, paraffin modification, daily chemical industry, papermaking industry and food industry. There are abundant resources of microcrystalline wax in China. Nanyang and Shenyang crude oil are the ideal raw materials for the production of microcrystalline wax. KING HONOR is a famous microcrystalline wax manufacturer in China. 

In China, microcrystalline wax was prepared from vacuum residue of high wax crude oil by propane deasphalting and solvent dewaxing in combination with the production of residual lubricating oil. The solvent dewaxing and deoiling process of microcrystalline wax is the same as that of paraffin production, However, deasphaltene oil has high molecular weight and low solubility. In order to obtain microcrystalline wax products with low oil content, the composition of the mixed solvent needs to reduce the ketone content. At the same time, because of the microcrystalline structure of residuum wax, it is difficult to separate oil wax. The solution viscosity is large, and the filtration speed is slow.  A larger solvent ratio than paraffin is needed to produce oil wax. The process flow of microcrystalline wax hydrotreating is the same as that of paraffin hydrotreating. Due to the heavy fraction, complex components and high content of sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen, the hydrotreating process conditions are rather harsh.

Most of the microcrystalline wax production plants in China were built in the 1970s and 1980s. The residua obtained from decompression of high wax crude oil were used as raw materials. After propane deasphalting and solvent refining, the microcrystalline wax was produced by solvent deoiling. It is difficult to produce high quality products because the process is backward and the refining method is not suitable.

KING HONOR INTERNATIONAL LTD was founded in 2008 with ten years of production experience. It is the domestic famous microcrystalline wax manufacturer,  providing quality wax supply services for customers. Welcome customers to come to inquire.

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