Fischer Tropsch Wax Used in the Fields of Food, Cosmetics and Agriculture

Fischer tropsch wax in food processing

Wax can be used as a coating on packaging paper to keep food fresh. It can also be used to make disposable paper cups, instant noodle boxes, and can be coated on paper surfaces to hold boiling water without causing harm to human body due to melting.

In the process of making bread, cakes, and pastries, wax is commonly used as an emulsifier, a beating agent, and a softener. Wax can also be used as an anti-sticking agent for candies, a preservative for the gloss and aroma of chocolate candies, an emulsifier and beating agent for ice cream, and an emulsifier for margarine.

From the perspective of food safety, adding a certain amount of food-grade wax within the limits specified by national standards will not pose harm to the human body, even when consumed in large quantities.

Fischer tropsch wax can be used as a fresh-keeping agent for fruits and vegetables

Since fruits and vegetables have high water content, if they are not preserved after picking, they can quickly lose moisture, resulting in decreased quality, even to the extent of rotting and spoilage due to bacterial or mechanical damage, causing a loss in commodity value.

Waxing non-edible skin and long-distance transport necessary fruits and other agricultural products can block the pores on the surface, reduce shrinkage and weight loss caused by water evaporation, and slow down nutrient loss and post-ripening deterioration by suppressing breathing rate, which is conducive to maintaining freshness.

The appearance quality of fruits and vegetables after waxing is glossy and beautiful, which can improve the commodity value to a certain extent.

High-quality fruit and vegetable wax has the following requirements: it can form a close bond with the fruit and vegetable surface after being processed with wax liquid, is easy to wash off, odorless, dries quickly, non-toxic to humans, and has a low price.

After oxidative modification, high-end fischer tropsch wax can produce emulsion wax that dissolves in water. If it is used for fruit and vegetable preservation, it can not only meet the needs of long-distance transportation but also has insect-proof properties.

As an additive in chewing gum substrates, fischer tropsch wax can adjust the hardness and dispersibility of chewing gum, increase the solubility of sugar, and make it have better taste and chewing performance, and is less likely to break.

During the sugar-coating process, the surface of chewing gum is dull and prone to moisture absorption, which has a significant impact on storage in the later stage. High-melting and hard fischer tropsch wax can be used for polishing after coating to prevent the chewing gum from absorbing water, improve appearance, and enhance the aesthetic feeling.

Fischer tropsch wax in the cosmetics industry

Wax is one of the most important raw materials for cosmetics production, which can be used for the manufacture of makeup dispersants, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, and hair wax, etc.

The reason why wax can be used in cosmetics is that it can form a water-resistant film, act as an emulsifier or co-emulsifier, and serve as a thickener to improve the structure and smoothness of emulsions. Wax is oil-soluble, so it can improve the moisturizing effect of the film left on the skin and has good gloss.

The wax used in cosmetics has the following requirements: good stability, no change in color during storage, odorless and tasteless, no chromogenic substances, and no carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Since unrefined wax contains a certain degree of oil, sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen, refining cosmetic-grade wax is crucial. Based on these requirements, fischer tropsch wax is particularly suitable as a raw material for cosmetic production.

Fischer tropsch wax in the agricultural field

fischer tropsch wax-emulsion can be used as an anti-transpiration agent for flower plants. After being picked, flowers can be processed by fresh-flower preservative wax to effectively control water loss by preventing the opening of pores in flower plants, thereby preventing withering and damage, and extending the life of flowers.

In addition, after being sprayed with fresh-flower preservative wax, seedlings and shrubs can withstand harsh drought conditions, which significantly enhances their survival rate.

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