Fischer Tropsch Wax Used in Paper Packaging and Pharmaceutical Industry

The use of fischer tropsch wax in the pper packaging industry

The moisture resistance, water resistance, and gas resistance of paper packaging products have always been a focus of attention in the industry. When paper packaging products get damp, their strength will decrease, leading to breakage or collapse of the packaging. This not only loses the protective function of the packaging, but also affects the appearance of the packaging. In severe cases, it directly damages the quality of the packaged articles.

Fischer tropsch wax can be used as a raw material to prepare wax for paper packaging protection by adding various auxiliary raw materials and additives. It is mainly used to improve the moisture resistance and water resistance of paper packaging products, protect the packaged articles, and enhance the safety and hygiene performance.

After being dipped in packaging wax, the surface of the packaging material can form a continuous hydrophobic and oil-repellent film, which plays a protective role. It can also improve the printing effect on the packaging material, increase its smoothness and toughness.

Compared with fischer tropsch wax, packaging raw materials such as salicylate ester, enyl succinic acid ester, and arabic gum- hydrogenated palm kernel oil are expensive, have complex operations, and are inconvenient to use. Some products are even toxic, have odors, are flammable, pollute the environment, and harm the body. Fischer tropsch wax has the advantages of cheap price, convenient use, non-toxicity, and good quality as a packaging raw material for paper packaging boxes, paper advertising boards, and food packaging, etc.

The use of fischer tropsch wax in the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, most of the wax is used to produce ointments and oleaginous ointments, and a small amount of wax is used to produce sugar-coated capsules and tablets. Ointments are soft and have a viscosity like butter, making them easy to apply to the skin. Capsules can be placed in the human body, and they can melt or soften at a temperature of 37℃. The surfaces of pills and tablets are often coated with several layers of sugar coating to prevent bad taste in the mouth when swallowed. After coloring the sugar coating, a very thin layer of wax is applied, giving the medicine a very beautiful appearance.

In dental treatment, wax materials are often used because wax has plasticity, low melting point, non-toxicity, low hardness, and is easy to shape and cast. Therefore, it is commonly used in high-precision work such as dental inlays, orthodontic appliances, and dentures.

In pathological histology, to improve the thinness of the test tissue, wax materials are often used for embedding. By infiltrating the test tissue into the wax, the tissue and paraffin wax are sliced to 1μm~2μm for microscopic examination.

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