Application of Pe Wax Emulsion in Waterborne Coatings

Adding emulsifier to polyethylene wax to make pe wax emulsion, adding it to acrylic resin, it can improve its hydrophilicity to some extent, and it can play the role of anti-slip, anti-blocking and stain resistance.

Adhesion refers to the mutual contact between adhesion of the surface of the paint film to foreign substances and the paint films forms adhesion, and then adhesion is exposed to the atmosphere by ash, staining and pressure to bond. In the coating film, an auxiliary polyethylene wax is added. Its function is that it gradually migrates from the state of uniform dispersion within the film to the surface of the film. Due to this migration, the surface of the film can be made to have an anti-blocking effect.

Polyethylene wax also produces synergistic effects such as abrasion and scratch resistance. It can reduce the friction coefficient of the surface of the coating, so that the sliding tendency of the object when it contacts the surface of the coating is greater than the tendency of scratching. The migration of the polyethylene wax powder to the surface of the coating film can greatly reduce the dynamic friction coefficient of the surface of the coating film. The addition of the polyethylene wax micropowder to the coating allows the coating film to greatly reduce the tendency to be polished by friction, thereby maintaining low gloss durability. Polyethylene wax has obvious extinction characteristics for polyester coatings, generally added in an amount of about 1%; in addition, pe wax emulsion has a certain influence on the molten horizontal fluidity of powder coatings, and can be used as a modifier.

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