Chose the right waxes for you
By the support of our customers and partners all over the world, we can understand the market trend. With our own professional R&D team, and the strategic cooperation with domestic institutes and universities, we produce the various grades of FT wax to meet different applications.
  • KH FT WAX 120
    ▪ High melting point
    ▪ Good hardness
    ▪ Low oil content
  • KH FT WAX 110A
    ▪ High melting point
    ▪ Low oil content
  • KH FT WAX 110
    ▪ High melting point
    ▪ Good compatibility
  • KH FT WAX 105
    ▪ High melting point
    ▪ High stability
    ▪ Good hardness
  • KH FT WAX 95B
    ▪ High melting point
    ▪ Good compatibility
  • KH FT WAX 80
    ▪ Fine crystal structure
    ▪ Linear molecular structure
    ▪ White color
  • KH FT WAX 700A
    ▪ Narrow carbon distribution
    ▪ White color
  • KH FT WAX 70B
    ▪ Narrow carbon distribution
    ▪ White color
    ▪ Low oil content
Unmatched Quality & Unique Service
The following unique characteristics of our Fischer-Tropsch Waxes and our services make us competitive in the markets.
▪ Synthetically produced
▪ Consistent high quality
▪ Adjustable specifications according to customers requirement
▪ Wide melting range
▪ Wide range of hardness
▪ High degree of crystallinity
▪ Good compatibility
▪ High performance-price ratio
Customized Waxes
According to the customer to the quality, we can provide the target product.
Authoritative FT WAX Production Center
Each order involves the teamwork of sales, technicians, logistic staff and all related persons. Our professionalism makes things perfect.
  • Competitive Pricing without Hurting Budget We strive for the competitive prices based on control of raw material and the optimization of our technical process. On-Time Delivery & Customer Satisfaction We promise for general specifications: shipped within 15 days after customer' s ordering. Special specifications: shipped within 30-45 days after customer ordering.
  • Ultimate Quality Control Seven step quality control process to guarantee the quality. Perfect Customer-Based Service If you had any questions about quality, packing and transportation after receiving the goods, you can contact us by telephone / email. We guarantee that we will provide a reasonable solution for your feedback within 24 hours.
  • Large Scale Manufacturing Site Our annual production capacity is 50000Mt. Worldwide Exposition We take the advantage of the abroad exhibition to know more about the market trend.
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If you have interests in our products, send us your specifications. You can describe everything you want. Our professionals will contact you as soon as possible. We will serve you wholeheartedly.
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