Technical Support


With the advancement of technology, waxes have become more and more widely used. The modifications of the waxes improve the performance. Users have clearer and more accurate requirements on the quality and performance of wax products. For the same application, different customers have their unique requirements for specific indicators. Our technical team serves our customers more accurately. Provide them with customized products. 1% adjustment may lift up 50% efficiency on customers' sides.
Technical Support

Technical Support

Quaity Control - That may be customer's most concern

FLOW CHART(Manufacturing process)

    • Raw Material,Accessory, etc…

    • Sampling Inspection,record;Informing 
      Quality Supervisor when abnormal 
      condition happen.
    • Raw Material Inspection

    • According to Management Regulations 
      for Warehouse Entering,Material 
      Getting,Material Returning.
    • Raw Material Enter Warehouse

    • According to Technology,Operation 
      procedure;Dispose in time and inform 
      Production Supervisor when abnormal 
      condition happen.
    • Batch Charging

    • Preparation
    • Production

    • Sampling Inspection 
      especially for initial lots.
    • Pack

    • Make sure the Packaging 
      can meet the standard
    • Sampling Inspection for Weight ;
      Quantity Checking ; Logo Pasting.
    • Packing Inspection

    • Final Products & Warehouse Managements

    • According to Regulations 
      of Warehouse
    • Warehouse-Out Inspection

    • Inspection
    • According to Regulations of 
      Product of Delivery
    • Ex-Warehouse

  • Application Guidance

    Our waxes have been exported to Japan, Europe,North America, Brazil, New Zealand, and 20 other countries and regions throughout the world.
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  • +86-411-81822086
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  • 6 / F, Tower A Shangdu Building, Shahekou District, Dalian 116021, China
  • +86-411-81822086
  • 6 / F, Tower A Shangdu Building, Shahekou District, Dalian 116021, China