What Is The Application Of Fischer Tropsch Waxware - Synthetic Wax

What Is The Application Of Fischer Tropsch Waxware - Synthetic Wax What Is The Application Of Fischer Tropsch Waxware - Synthetic Wax 2019/06/01

Fischer-Tropsch wax has the characteristics of low viscosity, high softening point and high melting point, and is used in industry.

1. In the processing of polyvinyl chloride and polyolefin, due to external lubrication and strong internal lubrication, it has good compatibility with polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc. Therefore, as PEPPPVC and other extrusion, calendering, injection processing lubricants can improve processing efficiency, prevent and overcome film, tube and sheet bonding, improve the smoothness and gloss of finished products, improve the appearance of finished products, and greatly reduce the amount compared with polyethylene wax.

2. In the application of PVC composite heat stabilizer, compared with paraffin, polyethylene wax and other lubricants, it can provide long-term, high-stability lubrication under low added conditions, effectively reducing processing torque, reducing production energy consumption and increasing production efficiency. The physical properties of the surface of the product are improved, and the degree of aging resistance is improved.

3. It can be used as a processing aid for cable insulation materials, improving processing performance, increasing product surface smoothness and smoothness. The chemical inertness of Fischer-Tropsch wax can improve the aging resistance of the product, and the product has excellent anti-precipitation performance.

4. In the hot melt adhesive, the initial solidification temperature and curing time of the hot melt adhesive can be effectively adjusted, and the plasticity and tensile properties of the hot melt adhesive can be adjusted to prevent the adhesive from sticking before use. The low viscosity, high melting point Fischer Tropsch wax reduces the viscosity of the polymer and resin, facilitating efficient mixing of the resin and pumping of the hot melt adhesive while maintaining the degree of surface wetting of the polymer and resin.

5. As a rubber processing aid, it can increase the diffusibility rate and extrusion rate of the filler, and make it easy to demould. As a rubber protective wax component, it can form an effective coordination layer with other components and improve the use of the product period and application performance.

6. It is light and has good chemical resistance, so it can be used as a carrier of pigments to improve the wear resistance of paints and inks, improve the dispersion of pigments and fillers, prevent pigments from sinking; it can also be used as a dispersant for paints and inks, and improve the resistance of coatings acratch and abrasion resistance.

7. As a softener and lubricant for natural or synthetic fibers, it can improve the abrasion resistance, tear strength, wrinkle resistance and the sewing property of non-iron clothes, and adjust the touch sensitivity.

8. It can replace plant wax and other media, as a coating and release medium for food and pharmaceutical production. In cosmetics, it can be used in basic skin care products and make-up cosmetics.

9. It can improve the gloss, durability, hardness and anti-wear performance of paper, enhance water and chemical resistance, and increase paper aesthetics.

10. It can be used for leather shoes, candles, crayons, leather brighteners and other products.

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