The Role of Polyethylene Wax Powder

The Role of Polyethylene Wax Powder The Role of Polyethylene Wax Powder 2019/09/17

Polyethylene wax powder is a low molecular weight polyethylene homopolymer or copolymer that is widely used in coatings. The so-called wax means that the polymer is distributed in the form of crystallites on the surface of the coating to play a wax-like and more diverse practical role. The company's polyethylene wax powder has excellent quality and stable production capacity. It is your best choice.

1. Polyethylene wax powder can improve surface gloss
For use in matting coatings, the amount of matting depends on the fineness of the dispersed polyethylene wax and the ability to migrate to the surface of the coating.

2. Polyethylene wax powder can resist scratch, abrasion, anti-polish and anti-marking
One of the factors that improve the anti-friction and scratch resistance is to reduce the friction coefficient of the surface of the coating, so that when the object contacts the surface of the coating, the sliding tendency is greater than the tendency of scratching. In this respect, the role of polyethylene wax is similar to that of silicone oil. The difference is that the former exists on the surface of the coating in the form of fine dispersed particles. The incorporation of polyethylene wax into the coating greatly reduces the tendency to be polished by abrasion. Maintaining low gloss durability is often desirable in applications.

3. Polyethylene wax powder has anti-blocking properties
Some workpieces, such as wood or metal objects, tend to be stacked in a short period of time after coating. Advances in printing technology also require inks to avoid staining of printed matter.

4. Polyethylene wax powder has anti-sedimentation, anti-sagging, thixotropic
Polyethylene wax is dispersed in aromatic and aliphatic solvents to increase the precipitation resistance of coatings and inks. It also exhibits varying degrees of thixotropic properties, sag resistance and localization of metallic pigments.

In addition, polyethylene wax powder also plays an important role in plastic masterbatch. The purpose of adding polyethylene wax powder is not only to improve the processing properties of the color masterbatch system, but more importantly to promote the dispersion of the pigment in the masterbatch. The dispersion of the pigment is crucial for the color masterbatch. The quality of the color masterbatch depends mainly on the quality of the pigment dispersion.
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