Semi Refined Paraffin Wax

Semi Refined Paraffin Wax Semi Refined Paraffin Wax 2019/05/26

The main quality indexes of paraffin emulsion are melting point and oil content. The former denotes temperature tolerance and the latter denotes purity. According to the melting point, each type of wax is usually divided into different varieties every 2 ℃, such as 52,54,56,58 brand.

According to the degree of refining, it can be divided into 3 types, semi refined paraffin wax and crude paraffin wax. The former two are widely used. They are mainly used as components and packaging materials for food and other commodities (such as waxed paper, crayons, candles and carbon paper), dressings for baking containers and cosmetic materials. They are also used for keeping fresh fruits, improving rubber aging resistance and increasing flexibility, insulating electrical components and precision casting, etc. They can also be used for oxidation to produce synthetic fatty acids. There are several versions of the chemical symbol for paraffin.

One theory is that the main component of paraffin is a mixture of elements C and H (it may contain oxygen, but this is not the main element), and the chemical element symbol is CxHy. Another theory is that paraffin is a mixture of several higher alkanes. It is mainly composed of n-docosadiane (C22H46) and n-octadiane (C28H58), containing about 85% carbon and 14% hydrogen. There is no single chemical symbol. Crude paraffin contains more oil, so it is mainly used in producing matches, fibreboard and awning canvas.

When polyolefin additives are added to paraffin wax, the melting point increases and the adhesion and flexibility of paraffin emulsion increase. It is widely used in the production of moisture-proof and water-proof wrapping paper, paperboard, surface coating of some textiles and candles.

The semi refined paraffin wax is made of oil-containing wax from natural crude oil distillate, refined by furfural, ketobenzene dewaxing and hydrotreating, and formed into plate and granular solid paraffin.

Features of semi refined paraffin wax
Semi refined paraffin wax is a plate-like white solid, and its relative density increases with the increase of melting point. The product has good chemical stability, moderate oil content, good moisture resistance, insulation, and good plasticity. Semi refined paraffin wax produces concentrated candle flames, which is smokeless. People can not cry.

Purpose of semi refined paraffin wax
It is used in wax, crayon, waxed paper, general telecommunication equipment, short circuit, light industry and chemical raw materials.

Matters needing attention of semi refined paraffin wax
1. The amount of wax should be appropriate, and the wax temperature should not be too high. Break up the wax blocks to speed up the melting process before waxing.

2. Store the semi refined paraffin wax in a cool place. Don't expose it to the sun and store it at a low temperature to prevent the wax from becoming soft and sticking to each other. 

3. Stay away from fire when storing paraffin wax to avoid catching fire.

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