Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene (PE)

  • HDPE 7000F
    • Features: High density polyethylene film grade, High mechanical strength, Good stiffness, Good heat sealability
    • Applications: Shopping bags, T-Shirt bags, Bags on roll, Garbage bags, Re-sealable bags, Sanitary bags, Plastic gloves
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  • HDPE TR-144
    • Features: This high molecular weight, hexene copolymer: Toughness and durability, Good processability, Good blending characteristics with HDPE HMW resins
    • Applications: T-shirt bags, Multi-wall liners, Trash bags
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  • LDPE LD2426K Tech
    • Features: High-pressure tubular process, a technology licensed by LyondellBasell. Well balance property of an optical property, mechanical property and processability.
    • Applications: General purpose film, shrink film, zip bag and food packaging film. Liner cap, drinking water cap and vegetable oil cap.
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  • LLDPE LL0209 AA
    • Features: A LLDPE copolymer with butene as comonomer which contains antioxidant. Good blending with conventional LDPE. Better sealing,higher puncture resistance. Greater drawdown capability. Higher tensile strength. Neutralizer: Calcium Stearate. Antioxidant: Irganox1010, Irganox168
    • Applications: Food Grade. Heave duty sacks, agricultural films, liners. Produce bags, stretch film.
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    • Features: Natural colored high density polyethylene with Butene-1 as comonomer. Good stress crack resistance properties (ESCR). Good impact strength. Stabilization: Ca-Stearate, Zn-Stearate, Irganox1010, Irgafos168
    • Applications: Pipe Extrusion PE100 Class. Pressure pipe. Drinking water and gas pipes. Discharge pipes. Sewer pipes and their fittings. For injection moulded and other fit tings. Sheets
  • LDPE 2420D
    • Features: Non-additivated, low density Polyethylene, Good Processability,  Good Tear strength, Good Toughness.
    • Applications: Bags & Pouches, Bottles for Consumer Goods, Shrink Film, Blown Film, Film
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  • LDPE LD2420H
    • Features: Non-additivated, Low Density Polyethylene, Good Heat Seal, Optical, Good Processability
    • Applications: Bags & Pouches, Film, Shrink Film, Blown Film, Cast Film
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