Paraffin Emulsion Used in Leather Industry

Paraffin Emulsion Used in Leather Industry Paraffin Emulsion Used in Leather Industry 2019/06/01

(1) paraffin emulsion can be combined with fatliquoring agent
The addition of a small amount of paraffin emulsion in the fatliquoring agent can improve the effect of fatliquoring agent. Wax emulsion manufacturers proved that the addition of 1% to 5% wax emulsion to leather fatliquoring agent can improve the filling performance of fatliquoring agent, improve the permeability of fatliquoring agent in leather fiber, increase the waterproof property of leather, make leather feel smooth, soft and plump.

(2) paraffin emulsion is used as an additive in leather finishing
The paraffin emulsion added to the leather finishing agent mainly plays the role of filling coating, improving coating feel, wear-resisting, and increasing luster.

In the early stage, emulsified wax was prepared mainly from beeswax, palm wax, insect wax, white wax, and montane wax. The output of these waxes is limited and the price is high. In recent years, paraffin wax has been used as the main raw material to prepare wax emulsion for leather. Paraffin wax as the main raw material can greatly reduce the price of wax emulsion, and the effect is not worse than that of natural wax. They are the main additives for finishing high-grade leather, which can give the leather special brightness and wax feel.

They can be divided into soft wax and hard wax from their uses. They are used in the bottom, middle and top coatings of leather, respectively. The ionic properties of the emulsion can be divided into non-ionic, anionic and cationic wax emulsions, which can be compatible with different ionic finishing agents. The emulsion form or solid emulsified wax can be made from the dosage form.

All products have good water solubility, stable emulsion, long-term storage, no layering, no floating wax. It is suitable for all kinds of leather finishing. After finishing, the leather is soft and natural luster, and the hand feels full of moisture, which can improve the anti-friction ability of the leather surface.

(3) paraffin emulsion is used as a leather brightener, matting agent and hand feeling agent
At present, there are two kinds of requirements for the appearance of leather products. One is to increase the gloss of leather, such as polishing leather, lacquer leather, polishing effect leather, etc. The other is not to gloss, so that leather presents a sense of genuine leather, natural beauty. The former needs a brightener, the latter needs a matting agent. When using different wax emulsions for leather top coating, some can increase the gloss or brightness of the leather, and some can produce a matting effect. The size of wax emulsion with the light effect is very small and the composition is relatively simple. They form a homogeneous and continuous wax film on the surface of leather. The film is very smooth on the micro-scale, which has a strong reflection on light waves and thus has a glossy feeling. The wax emulsion has a large particle size, forming a heterogeneous and uneven surface on the surface of the leather, resulting in strong scattering effect on the light wave. Scattering is the fundamental reason for the extinction effect of extinction agents.

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